Yacon Root Pure Organic Mega Mix All NATURAL #1 Detox & Toxin Cleanse Weight Loss Management Prebiotioc & Probiotic Supplement Helps Support Colon Kidney Stones Bladder Issues 60 Vegan Capsules

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About the product:

  • WEIGHT LOSS REDUCTION & APPETITE SUPPRESSANT – This product provides weight loss while curbing your appetite. 


  • METABOLISM BOOSTER – Improves energy levels, burns carbohydrates, and directs nutrients to their designated place within your body.


  • SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE REGULARITY – Your colon & digestive tract will thank you! Increase of regularity excretion and flush of toxin waste.


  • AIDES IN RELIEVING KIDNEY STONES & BLADDER PROBLEMS – Elimination of toxins through urination, known assistance to resolve bladder issues & kidney stones.


  • NATURAL DIURETIC – Full service cleanse to flush toxins and detox your system.
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