"EYE-SPY" Vision Function Formula Including Lutein & Zeaxanthin for EYE HEALTH Immune System Boost Color Perception Vitamins & Minerals w/ B12 Bilberry

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About the product

  • READING CLARITY – Fine tune your vision for better clarity and opulence!


  • COLOR PERCEPTION - Clear distinction helps to support night vision and color identification, while promoting wavelength frequencies, light reflection and emittance.


  • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM - Your immune system will thank you! Eye-Spy Vision Formula will give you an extra boost of vitamin C, antioxidants & minerals. This will help to prevent further damaging effects to the eyes and an increase of protective barrier for sensitive eyes.


  • ✓ DEPTH OF PERCEPTION - The way you see objects should be endless! Increase of 3D vision (the alignment to focus both eyes on an object combined with visual imagery from each eye), clearly gauge distance and size of objects.


  • COMPLETE W/ VITAMINS & MINERALS -Full of all the necessary essentials that your body needs to boost your immune system, clarify your visional outlook and step forward with new sight!
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